Cobra Kai split 7"

by seven days of samsara

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released June 1, 2000

recorded April 2000 by Jeremy Lemos at Acme Studios in Chicago, IL. released later that summer by Dead Robot All Stars.



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seven days of samsara Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Bones and Blenders
there it is. you can see it. those are the teeth marks and i can blame no one but you for the bruises. what can be colder than snow? you are my mood swings and your candles can't replace my sun. they're black and they're blue and they're getting tighter and right now you can not lift up your arms. in an attempt to better yourself you have cut out all the bones. my heart has found a new home.
Track Name: The Truth
question the answers that they've forced down your throat for so fucking long. we're not in kansas anymore. this problem is too great to ignore. bring it back to the monkey trial. you'll make monkeys out of us all. what about the children? think about the children? i know you've said that before. you're the proof that some of us have evolved. you'll make monkeys out of us fucking all. you can't stop this wind from blowing. you can't stop this rain from falling. you can't stop this sun from rising. never stop attacking. an attack on everything you stand for. an attack on all that you believe. an attack for all those who will suffer. an attack on you, the knowledge thief. i'm not burning a cross.