Since By Man split 12"

by seven days of samsara

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released in the Summer of 2001 by Harmless Records. 100 on orange/grey/black swirl vinyl. 900 on black vinyl. die cut covers. 100 test presses rushed for the SDOS winter tour in January 2001. those were packaged in screen printed recycled Walker covers.


released May 31, 2001

recorded at Acme Studios in Chicago, IL by Jeremy Lemos over two sessions. April - May 2000.



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seven days of samsara Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: You Elbow Me, I Elbow You
what goes up? it's coming around. attacking the new kid. initiation round one is the score and the outcome is defeat. fuck your sacred competition in which we choose to compete. i won't compete. we learn from the mistakes of those who come before us. hopefully, we learn from those mistakes. fuck you for four years of laughing behind my back. and fuck you for four years of nothing to my face. i remember when you used to matter to me.
Track Name: Jeremy Can't Hack It
hey. this is for you. this is from you. this is the letter i could not send because i told you that i wouldn't be this way, but it's hard and it hurts and i don't want to be remembered by a promise that i couldn't keep. don't tell me there's nothing there. i don't want to be john cusack. don't tell me there never was. standing there with the radio, radio in the air. it was a crime that it took me so long to tell you about the diamonds in your eyes. and it was a crime that it took me five months (it took me so long) to let you inside my mind. this is what i was avoiding. this is what i was avoiding. this is why i was how i was.

lyrical assistance by the black heart procession.
Track Name: Sorting Through the Static
once again it's time for classical music. ponder the thoughts in my head. wallow in the greatness of a hug. once again it's time for classical music. ponder the thoughts in my head. wallow in the greatness of a hug. how can you say unhuggable? if i could wrap my arms around this dream i would never let go. what if i had no arms? what if i had no arms and no legs? could you love me like you did yesterday?
Track Name: Five, Six, Seven, Eight
lock me up in a cage, so i can tell it to you from first hand. lock you up in a cage so you know how it feels, yea, just how it feels. another baby born and died for amusement and you don't get it. slave labor leads straight to death camps. "this song tells the story. architypical, the fate of the bastard. the one day her trainer struck her. she freaked out and took revenge." i will not pay to sit and watch them die.

quote borrowed without permission from man is the bastard.
Track Name: Panienka Panienka Idz Do Nieba Przynysh Mi Bochenka Chleba
what's the worst that can happen? all we've got is two months so let's make it count. i've lost six and now i'm done missing out. what's the worst that could happen compared to two months of constant joy. sixty-one days of constant smiles could outweigh a year of constant heartache while you're six hours away but i'm talking about things that have never been and i won't let that happen again. in this far fetched reality, i tend to live where everything always ends up alright. it's always happily ever after, but you and me never opened the book. how are we supposed to know what happens to the frog? ladybug, ladybug, fly up to heaven and bring me back a loaf of bread or just one kiss. just one kiss.